About Journeys Unlimited - HOLYLAND GURU

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Dr. Grant has known the principals in charge of this New York based company for more than 40 years. They have earned his trust and this is important when traveling to a part of the world that is always a bit unstable.

Dr. Bob is not employed by Journeys Unlimited. He travels exclusively with them on these journeys because they provide excellent services for the people that travel with him and they have proven their ability to handle every kind of situation that might arise.

Mr. Ray Masillo is Senior Vice President for Sales and Mr. Nick Mancino is President.  When you think about it, these 3 men, (including Dr. Grant) together, have over 130 years of combined experience taking many thousands of American Christians to the Middle East. That ought to say something.

You can travel with this fine company with confidence.

This cannot be said for many other companies that conduct travel to that part of the world.  They come and they go and Journeys Unlimited stays and that is important to know.

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